The primary objective of the IARU Liaison is to ensure regular contact between the Member Societies and the IARU Region 2 Executive Committee.

The IARU Liaison should

  1. Be well informed on amateur matters, both domestic and international, as well as on the overall workings of the IARU.
  2. Carry out assignments from the Member Society in the field of international relations.
  3. Whenever directed and authorized to do so, represent the Member Society at meetings of IARU Region 2.
  4. Communicate routinely with the Member Society on matters pertaining to amateur radio, with particular reference to those involving external relations, and monitor the fulfillment of the society’s obligations toward the IARU.
  5. Work with the Area Director and cooperate with the liaisons of other Member Societies in the Area and with the Executive Committee in achieving the goals of the IARU.
  6. When directed by the Member Society’s governing body, maintain regular contact with officials of their respective telecommunications administration.
  7. Encourage the growth and strengthening of the IARU, its Member Societies and amateur radio worldwide.
  8. Coordinate and monitor the implementation of IARU strategy for improving international frequency allocations to the Amateur and Amateur-Satellite Services in the context of the preservation and promotion of amateur radio.
  9. Assure the continuous and appropriate flow of information between the Member Society and the Area Director, the Region 2 Secretary and the International Secretariat by means of e-mail, correspondence, telephone or telefax.
  10. Remain in touch with the Executive Committee using the Member Society Mailing list.