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Regional Conferences

IARU R2 General Assembly 2013 in Cancun, Mexico

The ultimate authority in each of the three IARU regional organizations is the General Conference or General Assembly. Regional conferences are held on a three-year, rotating schedule so there is one held every year. Their role is to decide regional policy, to set the regional work agenda and budget, and to elect an executive committee to manage the affairs of the region for the following three years.

Each member-society that has met its financial obligation to the region has the right to attend and to vote at the regional conference, or to assign its proxy to another member-society if it is unable to attend.

The last General Assembly took place in Lima, Peru. The next IARU R2 General Assembly will be held 2022 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Region 2 Conferences

1964 I Mexico City, Mexico
1967 II Caracas, Venezuela
1970 III Ocho Ríos, Jamaica
1973 IV Santiago, Chile
1976 V Miami, USA
1978 VI Panama, Panama
1980 VII Lima, Peru
1983 VIII Cali, Colombia
1986 IX Buenos Aires, Argentina
1989 X Orlando, USA
1992 XI Curazao, Netherlands Antilles
1995 XII Niagara Falls, Canada
1998 XIII Isla Margarita, Venezuela
2001 XIV Guatemala, Guatemala
2004 XV Port of Spain, Trinidad Tobago
2007 XVI Brasilia, Brazil
2010 XVII Salinitas, El Salvador
2013 XVIII Cancún, México
2016 XIX Viña del Mar, Chile
2019 XX Lima, Peru

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