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Calendar of Major Events (ITU, RTOs, CISPR)

This page lists the dates and venues of upcoming meetings of important international bodies at which IARU will be present, advocating the position of the amateur and amateur-satellite services.

2020 Meeting Venue Representation
24 – 28 Feb ITU‑D Study Group 2 Geneva W6ROD
24 – 27 Mar ITU‑D TDAG Geneva W6ROD
31 Mar‑2 Apr CEPT CPG23‑1 Dublin TBD
27 Apr‑8 May ITU‑R WP 5A/B/C Geneva LA2RR
11 – 15 May CITEL PCC.II Trinidad & Tobago TBD
13 – 19 May ITU‑R WP 4C Geneva TBD
26 May‑3 Jun ITU‑R WP 1A/B/C Geneva TBD
10 – 18 Jun ITU‑R WP 3L Geneva TBD

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