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IARU Contests

Contesting is a popular activity among radio amateurs. Contesting consists of making the maximum number of contacts with other radio amateurs in a defined time. It supports amateur self-training in radiocommunications, including improving operating skills, conducting technical investigations, and intercommunicating with other amateurs.

The IARU and its member societies organise several contests on the different frequency bands.

IARU and IARU Region 1 organise the following contests:

  • IARU HF Championship — a worldwide contest during the 2nd weekend of July, coordinated by the ARRL.
  • IARU-R1 organises contests on 50 MHz, 70 MHz, 144 MHz and 432 MHz & higher, and also an ATV contest. You will find more detailed information about these VHF contests on the HF and VHF contest pages of IARU Region 1.

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