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Spectrum Protection

IARU’s priority is the availability of spectrum to the amateur service. This means both the frequency allocations for the amateur service and also keeping that spectrum clear of unwanted emissions from electrical devices.

In recent years, IARU has become very concerned about the increasing noise levels on the amateur bands. Sources include Solar PV installations, PLT (BPL) systems, DSL systems and a wide range of low power digital devices, many of which are poorly designed and do not meet the current European emission standards. Wireless power transmission for electric vehicles seems likely to be another major threat to radio communication.

IARU is active in international standards forums and makes strong input to argue for the maintenance of appropriate emission limits to prevent harmful interference to radio services.

As a part of this work it is important that individual amateur radio operators make input to their national regulator when they suffer harmful interference from non-radio devices. The EMC Committee pages of the IARU Region 1 website explain more about this.

There is another aspect to spectrum protection, that of ensuring that amateur spectrum does not become populated with stations that are not entitled to operate in there. For more information visit the IARU Monitoring System page listed on the menu to the left.

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