The first IARU Region 2 Emergency Communications Workshop was held September 24 – 25 in Cancun, Mexico in conjunction with the IARU Region 2 XVIII General Assembly. The workshop was sponsored by IARU Region 2 and the American Radio Relay League. The event was chaired by Mike Corey, KI1U, Emergency Preparedness Manager for the American Radio Relay League. The event co-chair was Dr. Cesar Pio Santos, HR2P, IARU Region 2 Emergency Coordinator. Representing the IARU Region 2 Executive Committee was Ramon Santoyo, XE1KK, IARU Region 2 Secretary.

The event featured speakers on topics that relate to international issues facing Amateur Radio’s response to emergencies and disasters. Speakers represented national societies and organizations with an international scope. Attendees represented many nations in and outside of region 2; Mexico, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Chile, India, Australia, Canada, USA, and Panama. The ITU was also represented my Mr. Rodrigo Robles.

Over two days attendees heard presentations that covered ITU response to disasters, technical innovations in disaster response, the IARU Emergency Communications handbook project, and organization updates. Attendees and presenters also participated in a table top exercise that was followed by a good discussion.

The presentation given are available below: