IARU Region 2 is the organization of IARU, the International Amateur Radio Union, for the American Continent. IARU Region 2 was founded in the Mexico City in 1964.

The Union’s objectives are those expressed in the Constitution of the International Amateur Radio Union and particularly:

  • To protect and represent the interests of Amateur Radio in the Region in all matters related to the International Telecommunication Union “ITU” and with regional organizations such as the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (“CITEL”), sub-regional organizations such as the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (“CTU”) and others, and to coordinate such protection by IARU representation.
  • To establish and maintain relations with Regions I and III of the IARU, coordinating and cooperating with them on all matters of mutual interest.
  • To promote and coordinate radio communication amongst the amateurs of the various countries and territories in Region II.
  • To promote mutual cooperative agreements amongst the radio amateur societies of the different countries and territories within Region II and amongst the various geographical areas within Region II.
  • To promote the progress of the science of radio through experimentation.
  • To promote international friendship and the growth of amateur radio in Region II.
  • To promote the adoption of the principle of reciprocity for the issuance of Amateur Radio licenses amongst the countries of Region II as well as those of Regions I and III.
  • To promote all additional activities related to Amateur Radio.

It is governed by an Executive Committee elected by the Triennial General Assembly of Delegates, according to the electoral procedures established in the By-Laws. In the directory you can see who these volunteers are.

The IARU Region 2 is integrated by Member Societies who represent most of the countries in the continent.

While IARU R2 was founded in 1964, IARU’s history goes back to 1925. You can find web pages which explain IARU’s history and its organisation today by clicking on the menu items in this section to the left.