2009 IARU Region 2 ARDF Championships

The 2009 IARU Region 2 Championships in Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) will be held 5 — 7 June this year near Boston, Massachusetts, USA. ARDF is a sport similar to Orienteering, where participants search for radio transmitters in a large forest with the aid of a direction-finding receiver, a map and a compass. Competitors from throughout Region 2 and visitors from other Regions are welcome. Since participants are only operating a receiver a ham license is not required. Separate courses are held on 2m and on 80m.

Further information about the event is available at http://​www​.homingin​.com/​f​a​r​s​n​e​w​s​.​h​tml. Photos and reports from previous events are available from the same site. The Region 2 ARDF web site has further information about ARDF (in multiple languages) and links.

Because ARDF is not as developed in Region 2 as it is in the other Regions, the competition fees will be waived for newcomers and those coming from outside North America. There will be some time available for training. A limited number of receivers are usually available for loan: please contact the Region 2 ARDF Coordinator, Dale Hunt, WB6BYU (wb6byu@​arrl.​net) to make arrangements or to ask further questions.

Also available in Español (Spanish).

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