Cuba holds licensing examinations for radio amateur candidates

A total of 210 candidates showed up, of which 208 approved, 99 percent of that total. The growing trend for third category remained stable throughout 2019.

A favorable indicator in these exams held last December 21 and in the ones before is that the number of candidates for third category and of those approving the exam remains fairly stable, which also shows in the number of new members, reaching a total of 295 during 2019. Now, the challenge is to keep them active, which is the objective undertaken by our organization in order to stop the decreasing trend of recent years.

Federación de Radioaficionados de Cuba (FRC) wants to acknowledge the work carried out by the Villa Clara and Havana chapters for the results obtained in the training, and congratulates the 208 radio amateurs across the country that approved their tests.

Special recognition is awarded by FRC to its board members, which jointly with authorities from the Ministry of Communications (MINCOM) and with the cooperation of the teachers from amateur radio academies across the country made it possible for these tests to be given with the quality required, all within the framework of respect implied by an event of this nature.

Finally, FRC encourages all radio clubs to intensify their work, aiming to recruit and train new colleagues, especially on those locations where radio amateurs are not represented.

Joel Carrazana Valdés (CO6JC)
FRC Information System
Graphic design: Oscar Hernández (CM7OHM)

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