Emergency Communications Workshop

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Emergency Communications Workshop

In October 2016 the International Amateur Radio Union Region 2 meeting will occur in Viña del Mar, Chile. Occurring in conjunction with the IARU Region 2 meeting will be an Emergency Communications Workshop (ECW).
The ECW is intended to be a gathering of IARU Region 2 Emergency Coordinators and other national level Amateur Radio emergency communications experts for the purpose of

1) sharing information on Amateur Radio response to emergencies in IARU Region 2,

2) increase the capacity for Amateurs in IARU Region 2 to respond to large scale, multinational communication emergencies,

3) provide an opportunity for national level Amateur Radio emergency communications leaders to network and increase the level of cooperation and collaboration within IARU Region 2.

The ECW will be held on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at the Hotel O’Higgins from 0900 to 1800 hours.

The event is open to Radio Amateurs in IARU Region 2 with high level expertise in providing disaster and emergency communications.
Attendees will be responsible for their travel and lodging costs. A block of rooms will be available for attendees at the O’Higgins Hotel in downtown Viña del Mar.
Registration can be found at http://​chile2016​.info/​e​n​/​t​h​e​-​e​v​e​n​t​/​r​e​g​i​s​t​er/


Call for Presenters

Delegates representing IARU Region 2 national societies, national or international amateur radio emergency communications organizations, or national/international level subject matter experts in amateur radio emergency communications are cordially invited to submit proposals and information papers. Topics must be related to amateur radio emergency communications, disaster response, technology, or operating standards.

Documents must be in electronic form (MS Word file or Power Point). When laying out the document format, please use A4 (29.7cm x 21cm) size paper with 3 cm or more margins on all four sides. The title page should have a top margin of 6 cm or more. Please do not put page headers/footers. Closing dateline of your submission: 1st July 2016 after which we will communicate with you as to your presentation timeslot or otherwise.

The IARU Region 2 Emergency Communications Workshop Committee will select the most appropriate papers for presentation at this conference. All other submitted materials will then be compiled into the workshop booklet for distribution to all delegates and will be posted on our website for downloading at convenience.

Submissions in English should be directed to ecw@​iaru-​r2.​org

Submissions in Spanish should be directed to tce@​iaru-​r2.​org

Also available in Español (Spanish).

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