FRACAP 2008 took place in Tegucigalpa

IARU en Fracap 2008

FRACAP 2008 took place in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the first weekend of Octobre 2008. This event reunites every year Amateur Radio Societies from Central America.

On the picture, from left to right, the main delagtes to the convention and IARU Región 2 representatives: Jorge Abed,TG9AAJ (CRAG); Henry Handal, HR2H (RCH); Juan Carlos Mercado, HR1JCM (RCT); Marco Tulio Gudiel,TG9AGD IARU R2 Area D Director; Francisco Fischnaler, YS1FAF (CRAS); Cesar Pio Santos,HR2P. IARU R2 EMCOR and Dario Jurado,HP1DJ (LPR) and IARU R2 Vicepresident.

FRACAP 2009 will take place in Panama, Republic of Panama.

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