IARU R2 Executive Committee meeting

The IARU Region 2 Executive Committee (EC) meet in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on September 2nd and 3rd. The following persons attended the meeting:

- President, Reinaldo Leandro, YV5AM
 — Vice-President and Area C Director, Ramón Santoyo XE1KK
 — Secretary and Area D Director, José Arturo Molina, YS1MS
 — Treasurer and Area B Director, Jay Bellows, K0QB
 — Area A Director, George Gorsline, VE3YV
 — Area E Director, Noel E. Donawa, 9Y4X
 — Area F Director, Gustavo de Faria Franco PT2ADM
 — Area G Director, Ernesto Syriani, LU8AE

Two observers were also present: representing the IARU International Secretariat was Secretary Dave Sumner, K1ZZ; and IARU Region 2 CITEL Coordinator, Flávio A. B. Archangelo PY2ZX.

The EC reviewed annual reports from all its members and those of the various coordinators that do voluntary work for the region.

Two important resolutions were resolved: The registration of a service company to simplify and facilitate banking transactions in the ordinary course of the day-to-day financial activities; and the reorganization of region’s funds into the Defense of Amateur Radio Fund (DARF) and the Promotion of Amateur Radio Fund (PARF) with new detailed terms of reference.

Standard operating procedures were approved for a Region 2 Band Planning Committee, to be lead by Mr. Al Penney, VO1NO / VA1AVR, Region 2 Band Planning Coordinator, to cover all bands.

Area F Director Mr. de Faria was named IARU R2 Youth Coach with the responsibility to find R2 Youth Coordinator candidates and a team of other youngster that could develop a new generation of radio amateurs in the region.

The next in person EC meeting will be in Panama City, Panama on the second half of 2018. It is expected that, as in 2017, will meet at least three times on virtual meetings.

The EC had also a chance to visit the headquarters of Guayaquil Radio Club, IARU member society in Ecuador, to meet with its board and join a social dinner with them.

On the picture, left to right, Gustavo de Faria Franco PT2ADM, Dave Sumner K1ZZ, Flávio Archangelo PY2ZX, Ernesto Syriani LU8AE, José Arturo Molina YS1MS; Reinaldo Leandro YV5AM, Ramón Santoyo XE1KK, George Gorsline VE3YV, Jay Bellows K0QB and Noel E. Donawa 9Y4X.

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