IARU Satellite Frequency Coordination

AMSAT-CE asked IARU R2 for a videoconference in which the IARU’s Amateur Radio Satellite Frequency Coordination process was presented to be used for future satellites using the amateur satellite service spectrum.

The event had an active participation of Chilean and Argentine radioamateurs. In it were present:

First row, from left to right, Italo Mazzei CE3LD President of AMSAT-CE; Ramón Santoyo XE1KK IARU Region 2 Vice President who gave the conference; Ernesto Syriani LU8AE IARU Region 2 Director of Area F; Oscar Cabello CE3AFX AMSAT-CE Director.

Second row: Roberto Ramírez CE3CT, AMSAT-CE Secretary; José Tijoux CE3BCO Radio Club de Chile Vice-President and AMSAT-CE Director; Carlos Bevigila LU1BCE, Radio Club Argentino Secretary and IARU R2 Monitoring System Coordinator; Adrián Sinclair LU1CGB from AMSAT-LU.

Third row: Patricio Lancellotti CE3BSK AMSAT-CE Director; Hugo López CE3BBC AMSAT-CE Treasurer; Matías Graino LU9CBL Radio Club Argentino Satellite Activities Coordinator; Marcelo Duca LU1AET from Radio Club Argentino.

Fourth row: Axel Kruuse CE3AFC AMSAT-CE Vice-President.

Tambien disponible en Español (Spanish).

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