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TTARS in the news
The emergency preparedness of the Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Society Radio, TTARS, were reason for a journalistic news article in the newspaper The Trinidad Guardian. In the text different occasions are indicated in which TTARS has supported in cases of emergency …
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RCV at Jamboree on the Air
During the past “Jamboree on the Air” the Radio Club Venezolano welcomed in their facilities a group of scouts who received an introduction speech about amateur radio. …
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FMRE’s annual convention 2008 in Tijuana
The Federación Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores, FMRE, celebrated its annual convention in the city of Tijuana in mid October 2008. Dr Carlos Levy XE1YK sucessfuly finished his four year term and Victor Pinilla XE1VP was elected as the new FMRE President. …
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FRACAP 2008 took place in Tegucigalpa
FRACAP 2008 took place in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the first weekend of Octobre 2008. This event reunites every year Amateur Radio Societies from Central America. On the picture, from left to right, the main delagtes to the convention and IARU Región 2 representatives: …
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Hurricane Gustav
For Arnie Coro CO2KK, Hurricane “Gustav” reminds him of one… of the hurricanes that passed through Havana en 1944.…The tornado winds were measured up to 320 kilometers per hour.… according to professional storm watchers, an evaluation of the damages indicates …
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