RNE Tango India begins 2018 training cycle

Last January 17, RNE-Tango India started, from the facilities of TIØRC, the 2018 training cycle.

A daily reporting exercise to a control station has been active since 2016 and now, thanks to coordination between several radio clubs and organized groups, there is a national channel linking 5 repeaters in 2 meters that covers more than 80% of the national territory and part of northwestern Panama.

After the experiences in prior catastrophic events, it was identified that each RNE operator must have comprehensive preparation on how to optimize his station, how to install it in an emergency and how to respond adequately to a call for help. Radio Club de Costa Rica aims to train net operators in those aspects.

This training will improve the response skills of RNE-TI operators. Last session included instruction on the essential information that a radio operator must collect at the time of receiving a request for help and how RNE must request the coordination of resources through the 9−1−1 emergency system. Additionally, there were technical presentations related to the Packet network in Costa Rica and about the installation of Winlink nodes.

Photo. Left-to-Right:
William TI4WSM, Rodolfo TI4RFM, Greivin TI2SLS, AEM Luis Valerio, Roberto TI2RF, Alejandro TI2DYS,
Gabriel TI4GPM, Juan Carlos TI2DYP.

Also available in Español (Spanish).

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