94 YEARS OF HISTORY OF AMATEUR RADIO June 12, 1926 — June 12, 2020 mark 94 years of the Radio Club Dominicano, Inc. by Dr. Carlos Regus, HI8CR, “Eighth Knight Rancio” idealist and founder of that Great and noble organization that has nurtured Dominican Amateur Radio and to the noblest interests of the Amateur radio. In 1908 three young men were captivated by the new communication methods of the time.

In 1921 Dr. Regus and two friends and classmates love and passion for Amateur Radio met at Abreu No. 21 street in Villa Blanca, today a Sector of San Carlos to establish what is now Radio Club Dominicano. On June 12, 1926, they decided to launch the RADIO CLUB DOMINICANO (RCD), which has been active ever since carrying on the principals of its founder and President Emeritus, promoting and developing Amateur Radio service and collaborating with relief institutions when they need its services, offering support for communications in emergency situations. RCD motto: YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT, MAINTAIN AND GROW WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE EXIST.

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