IARU Region 2 Executive Committee Meets

The IARU Region 2 Executive Committee held its quarterly meeting on May 28th via video conference. In addition to routine business, the EC was briefed by IARU R2 Workshops Coordinator Augusto Gabaldoni OA4DOH. He reported that, as of the meeting date, there are almost 400 subscribers and over 2800 views of the first four workshops, either live on Zoom or on YouTube, from almost every country in the Americas and some from Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. Feedback has been very positive from both participants and from Region 2 member societies with a common theme: “when are you doing another one?”

All IARU R2 workshops are free and open to anyone interested. They are available live on Zoom and also on YouTube where they are recorded and available for future access. The introduction to each workshop explains what IARU is and the role of Member Societies in representing their country’s amateurs to their regulator and other organizations. Participants are encouraged to join and support their IARU Member Society if they are not already members.

There is high interest in additional workshops in both languages, especially for more advanced Winlink workshops, more on amateur satellites, digital operations, and many other suggestions for additional future workshops. Augusto will be scheduling more in the near future. These will be announced on the www​.iaru​-r2​.org website in “Events” with a new online registration system courtesy of webmaster Christian Buenger DL6KAC who he thanked for his quick response and support.

Other Executive Committee business included an amendment to the IARU R2 Standard Operating Procedures to formalize the approval process for changes to the Region 2 Band Plan between General Assemblies. Formerly approvals for changes could only be done at a General Assembly, which meets only every three years. When the next General Assembly meeting is more than six months in the future, the new process provides for the Band Planning Committee to recommend changes to the Executive Committee for consideration. If the Executive Committee agrees with the changes, Member Societies are informed and have 60 days to object should they disagree. If no more than one objection is received, the changes are approved and will be incorporated into the R2 Band Plan and reported at the next General Assembly.

George Gorsline VE3YV

Secretary IARU Region 2

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