100 years of life of Alda Schlemm Niemeyer

LABRE — Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de RádioEmissão, informs to the whole world community of radio amateurs about the 100th birthday of a very special YL in our country. Today, May 18, 2020, we celebrate the 100 years of life of Alda Schlemm Niemeyer, better known among Brazilians as “Grandma” Alda, PP5ASN.

Born in the city of Joinville, Alda had six children throughout her life. She lived the terrible years of World War II working as a nurse for the Red Cross, an experience that she cites as decisive for the most important work of her life, when she worked actively, with other hams, during the terrible floods that practically destroyed the city from Blumenau-SC in 1983 and 1984, where he still lives today.

Since 1976, she has been an active member of the Ham Radio Club of Blumenau. She participated in the first women’s expedition in Brazil, which took place in Comprida Island-SP, in 1998, operating the PS2S calls for CW and PR2YL for SSB. Thanks to it, hams from Germany and Austria came to know the life and work of our priest-scientist Roberto Landell de Moura and its importance in the world of telecommunications.

For the passage of her first centenary of life, for the example of personal life, for the services rendered as a radio amateur to society, LABRE congratulates our dear “Grandma” Alda. Happy Birthday!

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