Brazilian government publishes new national table of frequency allocations

The Anatel (The Brazilian Telecommunications Agency) recently published the Resolution “759/2023” with their new PDFF (Plan for Allocation, Distribution and Destination of Radio Frequencies) carrying positive outputs to Amateur Radio Service.

The final portion of the 4 mm band (81−81.5 MHz) was recognized to Amateur Radio according ITU Radio Regulations (RR) Footnote 5.561A, while the 70 cm band (430−440 MHz) was elevated to primary service according the RR Footnote 5.278.

The improvement was possible due changes promoted in the RR during the World Radio Conference of 2019, able to introduce in the footnote Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay on the list of countries with the new status. This work was supported by IARU and member-societies like LABRE, the Brazilian Amateur Radio Society, in cooperation with their respective national administrations and delegations.

This is one of the examples how the international work could benefit Amateur Radio Service and the Telecommunications also on national level with the interaction between International and Regional Organizations, IARU, member-societies and local governments. IARU invites their societies to keep their support and join these efforts to reinforce Amateur Radio in their countries and word-wide. 

By this link you can access the full new PDFF (in Portuguese):https://​informacoes​.anatel​.gov​.br/​l​e​g​i​s​l​a​c​a​o​/​r​e​s​o​l​u​c​o​e​s​/​2​0​2​3​/​1​8​3​4​-​r​e​s​o​l​u​c​a​o​-​759

Also available in Español (Spanish).

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