IARU Region 2 Executive Committee meeting, February 2023

The IARU Region 2 Executive Committee met in mid-February, 2023. The meeting included the new Officers and Directors that were elected during the 2022 General Assembly in November, 2022.

The Executive Committee took the following actions and heard reports on the following matters:

  • Adopted revised Terms of Reference for the R2 Youth Liaison Team.
  • Appointed Region 2 Vice President Gustavo de Faria PT2ADM as Treasurer.
  • Appointed John Sager WJ7S to serve as Assistant to the Treasurer.
  • An update on IARU matters was presented by IARU Secretary Joel Harrison W5ZN.
  • Region 2 Director Dino Besomi CE3PG gave an update on efforts to establish an effective WinLink system within Chile for emergency communications.
  • Received an interim report from the Special Committee on Communications about various ways to improve communications among the R2 Member Societies and with the R2 Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee appointed the following Region 2 Coordinators to serve until the next General Assembly in 2025:

  • CITEL Coordinator: Flávio Archangelo, PY2ZX
  • CTU Coordinator: Tommy Chen, 9Y4T
  • Monitoring System Coordinator: Jose Cornieles, VY5COR
  • ARDF Coordinator: Ken Harker, WM5M
  • EMC Coordinator: Ed Hare, W1RFI
  • Band Planning Comm. Chair: Al Penney, VO1NO
  • HF Beacon Coordinator: Jerry Moyer, AC5JM
  • Awards Manager: Diego Salom, LU8ADX
  • Youth Coordinator(s): Steve Goodgame, K5ATA
  • News Editor: Victor Pinilla, XE1VP
  • IT Services Coordinator: Christian Buenger, DL6KAC
  • Emergency Coordinator (EMCOR): Carlos Alberto Santamaria, CO2JC

The next meeting of the Executive Committee will take place on May 24, 2023.

Meeting attendees: R2 President George Gorsline VE3YV, R2 Vice President Gustavo de Faria Franco PT2ADM, R2 Secretary Rod Stafford W6ROD, Area C Director Victor Damián Pinilla Morán XE1VP, Area D Director José Arturo Molina YS1MS, Area F Director Oscar Pancorvo OA4AMN, Area G Director Dino Besomi CE3PG, John Sager WJ7S and IARU Secretary Joel Harrison W5ZN.

For further information, the full minutes of the meeting can be found on the IARU Region 2 web site. You can also contact the R2 Secretary at secretary@​iaru-​r2.​org

Also available in Español (Spanish).

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