IARU Special Event — Human Security for All (HS4A)

The IARU is excited to mark World Amateur Radio Day (WARD) and the 98th anniversary of its founding with a special event to promote the United Nations Human Security for All (HS4A) initiative. We hope you will activate special event stations during the period 11 to 25 April 2023 to help with the celebration. For more information about WARD and HS4A please visit https://​www​.iaru​.org/​o​n​-​t​h​e​-​a​i​r​/​w​o​r​l​d​-​a​m​a​t​e​u​r​-​r​a​d​i​o​-​d​ay/.

The IARU Region 2 ICT Department and the IARU Region 1 Youth Task Force, all volunteers, teamed up to create a special website, https://​hs4a​.iaru​.org, to manage the operational event. If you are planning to operate one or more special event stations for WARD/HS4A please register at the website. Here is the procedure:

  1. Click on Register and provide the requested basic contact information.
  2. Click on Participate and agree to each of the six rules that you will be shown. Check “I accept these rules” Then click on Next.
  3. Click on “Continue as <your name>. You do not need to enter the contact information again.
  4. Select “Register a new Station” and provide the requested information. The station description (minimum 200 characters) can be almost anything: what Human Security for All means to you, who is the sponsor of your station, etc.

That’s it! We will receive your registration request and will approve it as quickly as we can. Please direct any questions to iaru@​iaru.​org.

See you on the air!

Dave Sumner, K1ZZ
IARU Assistant Secretary

Also available in Español (Spanish).

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