Bulletin #6: Region 2 General Assembly Countdown

The IARU R2 virtual General Assembly will be held in evening sessions October 31 – November 4. Details at: https://​ga​-iaru​-r2​.com

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the Plenary sessions where the formal business of IARU R2 is conducted. Tuesday and Thursday have parallel sessions for committee meetings. A full summary of each day’s agenda is available on the Assembly website.

On Tuesday, there are parallel meetings of the Administrative Matters, Finance, and the Operational, Technical and Regulator (ORT) committees. Of these, the committee least understood is the ORT. Created for the Lima 2019 General Assembly, its purpose was to provide an open forum to discuss matters that didn’t fall into a standing committee’s mandate. It is an opportunity to raise matters which your Society feels are not receiving the focus they may need. Member Societies are encouraged to consider what items and ideas to be discussed. For example: satellites, or digital modes, or regulator relations or??? As this is an ad hoc committee, a volunteer facilitator is also needed. Contact secretary@​iaru-​r2.​org) to either suggest a topic to be discussed or to be the session facilitator.

The other committees meeting on Tuesday are Administrative Matters and Finance. Administrative Matters will receive the reports of all of the R2 Member Societies. For the first time, reports may be videos or written, with one video to be declared the “Best of the Assembly.” The Finance Committee members are appointed at the Monday (first) Plenary.

Thursday is also reserved for committee meetings. The Administrative Matters committee will continue its reception of reports in parallel with discussion from some key committee chairs: Band Planning, Emergency Communications Coordinator, and Youth Liaison. This is envisioned to be a lively question-and-answer session offering in-depth follow up to the committee chairs’ formal reports at the Wednesday (second) Plenary.

Please note: Before registering, ensure that you have been appointed by your Member society to be on their delegation. The General Assembly is only open to IARU Member Societies in Region 2, the International Secretariat, and Regions 1 and 3. Other requests will not be processed.

George Gorsline VE3YV

Secretary R2


Also available in Español (Spanish).

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