Chilean Defense Minister recognizes work of radio amateurs

July 30, 2021  

Prepared by José Arturo Molina, YS1MS, IARU-R2 Vicepresident

Source: Radio Club de Chile 

Baldo Prokurica, CE1JIU, is the Chilean National Defense Minister; he has also been a radio amateur since 1980. In a QSO recently held between Prokurica and colleagues Dino Besomi, CE3PG, Radio Club de Chile President, and Angel Toranzo, CE3NY, Director of the Chilean Federation of Amateur Radio Clubs, Prokurica highlighted the relevance of radio amateurs, who are always willing and able to help their communities when it becomes necessary.

In Chile, the work of radio amateurs in the area of communications during of emergency and disaster situations is well recognized and taken into account by the government, natural disasters are frequent in Chile and its territory is widespread. Therefore, emergency preparedness is one of the activities where many Chilean amateurs usually participate. Diverse groups of colleagues participate periodically in preparedness exercises, and in disaster situations, they have been the first line of communication in numerous occasions.

For IARU, emergency communications are of utmost importance. In Region 2, emergency communications work is led by Dr. Carlos Alberto Santamaría, CO2JC. To learn more about it, please visit https://​www​.iaru​-r2​.org/​e​n​/​o​n​-​t​h​e​-​a​i​r​/​e​m​e​r​g​e​n​c​y​-​c​o​m​m​u​n​i​c​a​t​i​o​ns/

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