This June 21, thanks to the collaboration between colleagues from Honduras and Guatemala, loss of human life was avoided. The notice came through a message generated by Hector Arnulfo Cueva Fajardo, HR5HAC, which said the following:

This afternoon in the Western Sector of Honduras it has rained a lot, the Rio Jupilingo and Rio Copan carry quite a lot of water towards Chiquimula and Zacapa. Stay tuned.”

Immediately, through Winlink, Sigfrido Estuardo Rodas Paz, TG9SRP, responded as follows:

Good morning Héctor, thank you very much for this report that allowed us here in Guatemala to notify the COE (Emergency Operations Center) and manage an SAT (Early Warning System) that allowed us to make a timely preventive evacuation on the banks of the river that takes different names as it passes through Chiquimula, Zacapa and Izabal, at the moment, the big river is very high but no human or material losses are regretted.

The SAT generated by you has also reached ranchers in the western region of Honduras and the eastern region of Guatemala who have given us the alert in conjunction with yours through this means.

Grateful for future occasions send me a copy of these URGENT messages to ser@​crag.​org.​gt so that they reach us more quickly and we can channel them in a timely manner to the COE of SE CONRED for their attention and dissemination with the CODRED, COMRED and COLRED of the regions at risk.

We remain on the lookout for any communication that may be generated.


Actions like this are what allow us to be proud of the importance of amateur radio in the preservation of human lives. And it is we, with our means, with skill and effort, who make possible the wonder of communications to save people.

Thanks to these colleagues for their participation.

Carlos Alberto Santamaria CO2JC


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