FRC Congress

Ejecutiva Nacional - FRCThe Federation of Radio Amateurs of Cuba, FRC, IARU member society, held its Seventh Congress in the presence of Mr. Silvia Munarriz, Vice Minister of Ministry of Informatics and Communications of Cuba, of Mr. Omar Perez Solomon, Senior Central Committee member of the Cuban Communist Party as well as other officials of Telecommunications, on Saturday 31 October.

This congress was held by videoconference. The delegates elected by the Municipal and Special radio clubs were involved from the premises provided for that purpose by Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba in each of the 14 provinces.

The Conference was attended by more than 95% of their delegates. After reading the report of the past five years they discussed and approved the lines of future development. They also elected the new National Executive, see photo, to which we sent our greetings.

From left to right: President, Mr. Pedro Rodriguez Perez, CO2RP, Vice President, Mr. Francisco Hernandez, CO2H, Secretary General, Oscar J. Morales Gago, CO2OJ, Financial Secretary, Carlos Martinez, CO2CW, Social Action Secretary, Carlos Cordova, CO2CC, Technical Secretary, Mr. Winston Garcia Roig, CO2WF and Activities Secretary, Norbys Machado CO2NQ

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