IARU R2 Executive Committee Meets: Virtual 2022 General Assembly; Society Dues Moratorium; More

The IARU R2 Executive Committee met virtually on February 16 for its quarterly meeting. The full notes for the meeting will be posted on www​.iaru​-r2​.org/​en/ in a few weeks. Highlights of the meeting include:

The 2022 General Assembly will be virtual. This was not an easy decision. All would prefer in-person for its many benefits. Possible future travel restrictions makes any attendance projections for commitments for hotel facilities and rooms uncertain. The benefit of a virtual GA is that our smaller societies can now participate as travel cost will not be a barrier. A committee of past conference hosts will be struck to organize and manage the event. They will also look into the necessary changes including elections of officers and directors and selection of the host society and city for the 2025 GA. Dates will be announced shortly.

Given the ongoing pandemic, a Member Societies dues moratorium has been approved for 2022. This recognizes the realities of the pandemic where many societies are under severe financial pressures and R2 expenses are minimal given that travel and an in-person conference are not taking place.

The Executive Committee also approved the appointment of Jose H. Cornieles YV5COR as the R2 Monitoring System Coordinator. He will be working closely with the former Coordinator and with the R1 Monitoring System Coordinator to get started in his new role.

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