IARU Region 2 Executive Committee Meets 

The Region 2 Executive Committee held its fourth meeting of the year via Zoom in three parts, replacing an in-person meeting not possible due to health considerations and travel restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the R2 Officers and Directors, observers from the IARU international secretariat and Region 3 Executive Committee was also present.

In the first session on October 21, President Ramón Santoyo XE1KK, reviewed the year since the October 2019 Lima General Assembly, highlighting the new initiatives undertaken by R2, including the appointment of a Youth Liaison and the introduction of the very well attended Workshops. Also noted was the work of the Band Planning Committee coordinating with Regions 1 and 3 on a number of issues, especially the explosive growth in digital modes and R2 participation in a Future Committee to develop a strategy and plans for updating the IARU organization to be more effective in dealing with the challenges of the rapidly evolving telecommunications ecosystem.

In addition to routine business, including a financial update from Mr. Jay Bellows K0QB Treasurer, Secretary George Gorsline VE3YV presented a proposed 2021 strategic plan for discussion. One Item for immediate action was identifying suitable candidates for the R2 Emergency Coordinator (EMCOR) necessitated by the resignation of Dr Cesar Pio Santos, HR1P, after 12 years of service. Member Societies were polled for their suggestions, with a decision to be made at the third session.

Session 2 on October 24th was Coordinators Day. Each of the R2 Coordinators was invited to give a presentation on their function and recent activity. With 12 Coordinators, ranging from CITEL/ITU to Beacon Coordination, the 4‑hour session was an education in the breadth of amateur radio activities in R2. The presentations will be posted shortly on www​.iaru​-r2​.org/en website.

The third and final session on October 28 continued the discussion on planning and budget for FY 2021. The pandemic has created considerable disruption this year and how long that may continue is uncertain. With these challenges are also opportunities created by the rapid acceptance of virtual meetings for improved outreach to broaden participation by member societies and all amateurs in the Americas. A special session to approve the finalized budget will be scheduled later in the year.

The Executive Committee appointed Dr. Carlos Alberto Santamaria CO2JC as the new R2 EMCOR, recognizing his outstanding qualifications and his experience with hurricane and earthquake emergency communications. In this appointment, the EC will request that the new EMCOR consider a proposal from Radio Club de Chile suggesting changes to the traditional approaches used in the past for EMCOMM to provide a more focused approach in different parts of the region.

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