LU8ADX new IARU R2 Award Manager

Diego Salóm, LU8ADX, has been appointed IARU Region 2 Award Manager to substitute Reinaldo Leandro, YV5AM (SK).

A radio amateur since 1991, Diego is an avid DXer that has made it to the ARRL’s #1 DXCC Honor Roll List. In the contest world, he has been very active from his station in Buenos Aires as LU8ADX and AY8A, and also from L40A, LU4AA, LT1F, LR4A, LR5F, LR2F, LR0F, LQ0D, LU0HQ, LR4HQ, L21RCAHC8N, PX5A, 6F75A, PZ5YV, CE4CT, PJ4T, CE3CT, CW5W and W100AW.

He is an active promoter of amateur radio and never misses an opportunity to give talks and conferences on matters such as DX, Contests, LoTW and Operating Ethics, in places such as Argentina, in Mexico for the 65th Anniversary of the FMRE and also in Brazil for the CTU 2011.

Since 2011, he was appointed ARRL card checker and in 2017, Award Manager of Radio Club Argentino, and is its current vicepresident.

He’s currently in charge of the development and activation of L21RCA in commemoration of the Centennial of Radio Club Argentino (RCA), which will celebrate its 100 years of foundation on October 21.

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