The YASME foundation donates equipment to Radio Club Peruano

Radio Club Peruano is committed to promote amateur radio in Peru. Supported by the new regulations for the amateur radio service enacted by the Peruvian administration in July 2019, RCP has held from August 2020 to this date, three virtual courses to prepare candidates to obtain an OA license.

One of the limitations that the RCP has always faced is the capacity to motivate youngsters and children to venture into the hobby in a practical manner that complements courses; the use of transmitting equipment in radio amateur bands for unlicensed individuals is forbidden in the country. Therefore, the YASME Foundation, through its president, Ward Silver, NØ0AX, has agreed to donate to Radio Club Peruano, twelve FRS portable radios to be used in the training programs that will begin shortly, once the distancing limitations imposed due to the pandemic are solved.

For more information about the program for youths and children in the RCP, please contact Oscar Pancorvo, OA4AMN (oa4amn@​gmail.​com) and Pablo Vázquez, OA4AI (oa4ai@​yahoo.​com)

Also available in Español (Spanish).

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