Press Release from Radio Club Dominicano, Inc.

Last Sunday, May 9, the first virtual rapprochement between the Radio Club Dominicano, Inc. and the Radio Club Haiti.

During this meeting, a protocol for the presentation of its members was developed, followed by a few words from both presidents and then a short dialogue directed towards the need for these meetings to face future calamities and disaster mitigation.

Both presidents, Mr. Hugo Ramón (HI8VRS) and Jean-Robert Gaillard (HH2JR), emphasized the need to coordinate efforts in order to maintain communication channels between both institutions.

The meeting had the participation of the following radio amateurs:

By Radio Club de Haiti
Jean-Robert Gaillard HH2JR President of Radio Club de Haiti
Pierrick Madsen HH2MK
Lionel Etienne HH2LE
Jack Guy Lafontant HH2LX
Reggie Chauvet HH2CRKD4VU

By the radio Club Dominicano, Inc.
Hugo Ramon HI8VRS President of the Dominican Radio Club
Victor Baez Hi8V
Ruben Rodriguez HI8RG
Virgilio Malagon Hi8HH

Douglas Lapin HH2OYK1OY

Kenny Olivero HI5KKK
Pedro Pérez Heredia Hi8PPH from Unión de Radio Amateurs del SUR-OESTE

As a next step, a virtual working meeting was contemplated to coordinate the points discussed above.
At the end of the meeting, both presidents exchanged messages of praise for all radio amateurs.

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