Radio Club de Honduras becomes 50

50 years RCH

The Radio Club de Honduras (RCH), IARU Member Society, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a working session and a gala dinner in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, last July 26, 2008.

Henry Handal, HR2H, President of the radio club as well as members of the governing board show us its good organization and great hospitality.

In the afternoon there was a panel with several presentations by directives of RCH, other radio clubs and IARU. A highlight was the participation during the whole event, of Captain Edwin Torres, Commissioner at CONATEL, the National Telecommunications Commission.

At night there was a gala dinner where a graphic history of this Member Society was presented and recognitions were handed to prominent radio amateurs.

From IARU Region 2 were present the Secretary Ramon Santoyo V., XE1KK, the Emergency Coordinator Dr. Cesar Pio Santos, HR2P and the Area D Director Marco Tulio Gudiel, TG9AGD who submitted the following conference (in Spanish).

Also available in Español (Spanish).

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