Radio Club of Costa Rica (RCCR)

Hugo Soto TI2HAS showing the Echo Link station TI0RCCR-R to César HR2P

The Telpac node TI2HAS was recently installed in Costa Rica. It serves as a port of entry to send signals through the internet that are received in VHF — PACKET, messages to other BBS in other countries, and to the Winlink network.

Last weekend, Hugo Soto TI2HAS, president of RCCR, received a visit from Cesar Santos HR2P, EMCOR of IARU R2, to whom he showed the radio that was equipped with the Echo Link System TI0RCR‑R. It is linked to one of the local VHF repeaters.

They also discussed the cooperation of Emergency SM Communications with the Red Cross and other support organizations; the implementation of a reminder in the bases of Ham Radio Competitions to avoid transmitting within 5 Khz above and below the frequencies reserved for the centers of emergency activity GAREC, to leave them free of interference from the competition. (GAREC 2008).

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