The Colombian Amateur Radio League joints to support YOTA — IARU program

Youth on the Air is a program for young radio amateurs in IARU Region 2 (Las Americas), closely modeled on the Youngsters on the Air program of IARU Region 1 (Europe and Africa). The objective of the program is to build skills and encourage long friendships as well as mentor young radio amateurs.

That is why, the Colombian Amateur Radio League — HK3LR, IARU Society of Colombia, has decided to admit as Colombian Radio Amateur League Full Members all Colombian radio amateurs Children and Adolescents with Colombian license in force who request it in accordance to the procedures that apply for this; that such affiliations will not generate an obligation for the payment of the membership, and that it will be valid until they reach the legal age of majority, as long as they keep their license valid.

We hope with this contribute to encourage the bonding of new young people to our hobby, who will be at the time, those who in the future lead our associations.

Those children and young people interested, can fill out the affiliation form in our webpage previous authorization from their parents.

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Colombian Amateur Radio League — HK3LR, IARU Society.

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