88th Anniversary of radio Club Venezolano

In 1934, a group of experimenters, most of them with important positions in the broadcasting industry, met and decided to create an organization to represent radio amateurs in the country, that’s how RADIO CLUB VENEZOLANO (RCV) was born.

Since its creation, the mission of the RCV was to bring together communication enthusiasts, without distinctions of any kind, in order to investigate for the advancement of technology and help others and the nation in times of need, in addition to working for the strengthening of amateur radio, transmitting our values, being that radio amateurs are public servants of a universal nature.

In February 1936, the first Ministry of Communications was created and thus the first permits for the operator of amateur stations were issued, including YV5AJ, our official station and representative of the voice of Venezuela before the world. That same year the RCV was admitted as Venezuela’s representative to IARU, the highest body of world amateur radio.

Thanks to the efforts of radio amateurs, the RCV is consolidated as the representative institution of Venezuelan radio amateurs, managing to create the bases and a protected path for the work of the next generations.

Today, we must be proud of the achievements of so many years, which have been consolidated with the joint effort of old and new generations. Training new fans since 1936, managing the Bureau since 1937, forming regional representations since 1953 and coordinating the National Emergency Network according to official resolution since 1958 at those times of special operations or situations that demanded it. All this has been the subject of important national and international recognitions, including the Declaration as an Entity of National Interest in 1984.

The new generations of leaders and partners of the RCV have the responsibility to strengthen and project affection, respect and admiration to the Venezuelan people and government and thus continue to represent the voice of our country before the peoples of the world.

Alfredo Medina, YV5SF

National President

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