IARU R2 COVID-19 Response

Radio amateurs throughout the Americas share the concerns of everyone about the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak. Governments all over the world are advising “social distancing” and “self-isolation” to slow the spread of the virus and to give health services the opportunity to minimize its impacts on all of us.

Amateur radio offers a unique way for us to maintain our social contacts while remaining physically separate from each other. Many radio cubs and national societies are activating local repeater and other emergency communications networks to be prepared should the need for their services arise. Now is a good time to get on the air to exercise our equipment, our skills, learn something new by trying a new band or mode, and expand our circle of friends.

Radio Club meetings, multi-operator contests, and other events that bring radio amateurs together make social distancing difficult. We must recognise that many radio amateurs are in the older, higher risk age groups. We need to act responsibly to reduce the risk of exposure to our fellow amateurs, our families, and everyone else that we may come in contact with. The IARU R2 Executive Committee asks that all radio amateurs, radio clubs, and national societies modify or suspend any in-person activities while this ongoing health emergency continues.


Ramón Santoyo, XE1KK
President — IARU Region 2

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