IARU Region 2 Member Society Pandemic Dues Relief

The Region 2 Executive Committee (R2 EC) had its fifth and last virtual meeting of 2020 on November 18th to complete outstanding business from its October sessions (October 21, 24, 28) and to approve the 2021 operating budget.

Recognizing that the pandemic created many hardships for Member Societies and all amateurs in the Americas, the R2 EC approved a one-year dues reduction for the 2021 year. Member Societies whose annual dues are less than $150 will be given a dues holiday. Larger societies will have their dues reduced to 50% of the usual amount. Region 2 operating expenses reduction is possible because 2021 expenses are expected to be lower, primarily as travel restrictions have moved meeting attendance (WRC preparatory meetings, CITEL, etc) to being held virtually.

The other major item of business was a review of the proposal made to the IARU Administrative Council (AC) by the Future Committee. This committee was formed to study and make a proposal on how the future IARU organization should be structured to become far more nimble and able to respond quickly to changes in the telecommunications ecosystem. Region 2 was represented by George Gorsline VE3YV and Ramón Santoyo XE1KK, committee chair.

The meeting ended with a brief discussion on how much had changed in 2020, noting that the pandemic had also created some new opportunities. For example, the traditional in-person 2022 General Assembly planned for Buenos Aires will now be planned as a hybrid event, with both in-person and virtual participation, removing the barrier of travel costs for smaller Member Societies to fully participate. Also, the very popular R2 Workshops will be given a re-boot in the new year focusing more on the needs of our Member Societies as well as Emergency Communications.

The R2 EC meets quarterly, with 2021 meetings planned in February, May, August, and October.

George Gorsline VE3YV, Secretary

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