Radio Club Peruano 78th Anniversary

On December 10th 2008 the 78th Anniversary celebration from the Radio Club Peruano took place. The meeting was attended by the Vice-Minister for Communications of Peru Mr. Gonzalo Ruiz; Ms. Delia Salas Member of the National Committee of the Peruvian Red Cross, Mr. James Atkins the Regional Director of Civil Defense and by the representative of the Municipality of San Isidro.

In this ceremony, Mr. James Atkins on behalf of the Civil Defense, delivered a plaque of recognition to the work of the radio amateurs and the Radio Club Peruano in emergency communications.

An important cooperation agreement was signed with the Peruvian Red Cross to allow exchange of experience, training of members of the Red Cross and to maintain coordinated actions in case of emergency.

The Scout Association delivered a certificate of recognition for the support of the Radio Club Peruano in the training of Scouts. Since 3 years ago the club sponsors a scout group “San Isidro 145” in the facility of the radio club. At the present several scouts and scouters have amateur radio license.

IARU Region 2 congratulates the Radio Club Peruano and its chairman Walter Miranda OA4WM for this celebration.

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