El Salvador is prone to natural disasters, especially earthquakes, and it is in those cases where conventional communications generally fail. So that Uruguayans residing in El Salvador have an alternative for reliable communications in case of such an event, the Uruguayan ambassador in El Salvador, Mrs. María Cristina Figueroa, contacted CRAS President, José Arturo Molina (YS1MS), aware that the radio amateurs have reestablished communications in these situations in a timely and reliable manner. In order to establish a friendship bond between resident Uruguayans and radio amateurs, November 4 was established as the date for a first encounter.

This encounter started with a short and significant ceremony where, after the national anthems of both countries and allusive speeches, the ambassador presented CRAS with a Uruguayan flag. To seal the event, a QSO was established in 15 meters between San Salvador and Montevideo with the president of Radio Club Uruguayo, Carlos Rodríguez (CX7CO), who confirmed the willingness of radio amateurs to provide communications whenever required. At the microphone was the Ambassador as well as some Uruguayans. Afterwards, the Ambassador treated the participants in the event to the famous “choripán”, similar to a delicious hotdog, which was even prepared by a resident Uruguayan. Present at the event were around eighty persons, among resident Uruguayans and radio amateur colleagues and their families.