About the “World Amateur Radio Day”

As every April 18, Federación de Radioaficionados de Cuba (FRC), with different on-the-air activities, celebrated the “World Amateur Radio Day” and paid tribute to the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), founded on that date in 1925.

This was a year where Cuban radio amateurs most enthusiastically commemorated this date that makes us proud and strengthens the unity, friendship and sense of belonging to the organization that so worthily represents us all. Going on the air to share the contribution of amateur radio to society and to publicize its contributions was a real celebration, something truly relevant given the important role played by the IARU.

In Cuba, the celebration focused on and promoted activities in radio clubs and regional subsidiaries, becoming an event of recognition lasting all April, with a highlight being the activation of the T47C Camagüey special station, which reported the largest number of contacts in the HF Bands and of CO2FRC at the national headquarters, which marked the restart of traditional activities after the pandemic forced a temporary interruption of operations at FRC. Joining the event in a massive form were VHF nets, the celebration of emergency communications events and the reception of SSTV images from the Space Station during the April 11 – 13 period.

Congratulations to the radio amateurs of Cuba and of the world!

Joel Carrazana Valdés (CO6JC)

FRC Information System

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