Emergency Communications Workshop 30 — 31 May 2020

ARU R2 Emergency Communications Workshop 30 May 2020

This 3‑hour online workshop is an opportunity for all English speaking interested Radio Amateurs in the Caribbean portion of IARU Region 2 to meet to:

- Share information on Amateur Radio response to emergencies and disasters in IARU Region 2 with a focus on the Caribbean.
 — Increase the capacity for Amateurs to respond to large scale, multinational communication emergencies and disasters
 — Provide basic Winlink training and share experience
 — Provide an opportunity for national level Amateur Radio emergency communications leaders to network and increase the level of cooperation and collaboration.
 — Attendees will be Amateurs with a high level of expertise or interest in providing disaster and emergency communications

IARU R2 Satellite Communication Workshop 31 May 2020

This 3‑hour online workshop is an opportunity for all English speaking Radio Amateurs in IARU Region2 and specifically the Caribbean to meet and share their experience with amateur satellite
communications. No prior experiencein satellite communications is required.

Tentative workshop agenda will include:

- How to get started in satellite communications
 — A practical demonstrationusinginexpensive and simple components (Handy and portable Antennas)
 — Useful tools, helpful tips, techniques and websites to find information on how to get started
 — Explain the different components of a ground station for more advanced users (LNA, Cross-Polarized
Antennas, phased lines, coaxial loss at VHF and upper frequencies, equipment, SDRs, etc.).
 — Using satellite communications as a way to encourage young peopleto become Amateurs and generate
connections and projects with local universities, college and schools in STEM programs
 — Attendees are all Amateurs interested in satellite communications, whether experienced or wanting to learn
how to get started

Workshops General Information:

- Working language will be English for both workshops.
 — Registration: https://​www​.iaru​-r2​.org/​w​o​r​k​s​h​o​p​-​2​020 If you wish to be a speaker, please also indicate
your topic.

Tambien disponible en Español (Spanish).

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