FRC and the Radio Nets

By Joel Carrazana Valdés (CO6JC)

FRC Information System Coordinator

The limitations imposed by the preventive measures to avoid COVID-19 contagion increase the potential for radio at home. These circumstances are present not only in Cuba but in all IARU-R2 member societies, who face a similar situation in the fight against this pandemic that affects the entire world.

Federación de Radioaficionados de Cuba (FRC) encourages increased radio activities of its members from their QTHs. With that, we are able to break loneliness at home and to keep this large family united, that is, the community integrated by radio amateurs in Cuba and in other locations. Contributing to this objective are the HF and VHF radio nets. Likewise, fortuitous exchanges between colleagues have increased, DX practices are also on the rise, and presence in national and international contests is growing in these times of COVID-19.

Cuban radio amateurs greatly appreciate that while complying with sanitary restrictions for the benefit of family health, we can remain active. Radio nets have been a long-time companion of radio amateurs throughout the world, and now adapt to the current historic moment of humanity and remain at its service.

Don’t think that we’re alone, we’re not! In these times of social isolation, we’re lucky to enjoy the company of radio amateurs throughout the world.

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