News Release for General Assembly

IARU Region 2 General Assembly Has Largest Participation Ever

New Officers and Executive Committee Elected

The triennial IARU Region 2 General Assembly concluded on Friday, November 4 after a week of evening virtual sessions. Meeting virtually enabled many societies to attend in person for the first time. There were 117 registered delegates from 26 Member Societies plus representatives from IARU Regions 1 and 3 as well as the IARU President, Vice President and Secretary.

Highlights of the General Assembly included the Member Society reports which underlined the wide differences in amateur radio circumstances within the region as well as our many common interests in amateur radio. Region 2 Committee reports provided insight into the many different activities undertaken by the Region from CITEL and WRC 2023 matters that could impact our spectrum access in addition to Band Planning, Youth activities, the Monitoring System and ARDF, to name only a few.

The last day of the Assembly began with a presentation from the IARU President, Tim Ellam VE6SH. President Ellam highlighted some of the challenges to amateur radio in the current telecommunications environment. He stressed that amateur radio should be alert to challenges and opportunities in spectrum matters. Regulators are tending toward sharing of spectrum by users and since amateur radio has approximately 9% of the spectrum from 144 MHz to 275 GHz, amateurs may have to adapt to increased sharing of spectrum with other users. He also highlighted the work of the “Futures” committee within IARU and changes that may be presented to member societies in 2023.

In other actions, the General Assembly took the following actions:

- Adopted a bylaw amendment to allow the Treasurer function to be carried out with more flexibility to conform to banking regulations was adopted.

- A special committee was established which will explore the opportunities for more frequent meetings involving the Executive Committee and the Members Societies between General Assemblies.

- Adopted an initiative to recruit Spanish speaking individuals to further efforts to recruit younger amateur radio operators in Spanish speaking countries within the region.

- Adopted the proposal to promote WinLink demonstrations and education programs to support emergency telecommunications within the region.

- Adopted a proposal to establish a regional advisory committee on emergency telecommunications made up of individuals experienced in the field of emergency telecommunications.

- Adopted a proposal to increase the number and variety of emergency telecommunications exercises within the region.

- The assembly encouraged society web sites to include more coverage of IARU, IARU news and events.

Elections were held for Region 2 Officers and Area Directors. The new executive committee will take office on December 15, 2022, and serve until shortly after the next General Assembly in 2025.


President: George Gorsline VE3YV

Vice President: Gustavo de Faria Franco PT2ADM

Secretary: Rod Stafford W6ROD

Area Directors:

Area A: George Gorsline VE3YV

Area B: Rod Stafford W6ROD

Area C: Víctor Damián Pinilla Morán XE1VP

Area D: José Arturo Molina YS1MS

Area E: Jaime Hernando Duarte, HK6W

Area F: Oscar Pancorvo OA4AMN

Area G: Galdino Besomi CE3PG

The next General Assembly will take place in 2025 in Ecuador and will be hosted by the Guayaquil Radio Club.

The Assembly was closed by President Ramón Santoyo XE1KK, who noted that this was his last Assembly as an Officer or Director after 16 years working within Region 2. His contributions were acknowledged by many expressions of thanks and well wishes.

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