Active members of the Guayaquil Radio Club (HC2GRC), applicants of the Telecommunications Unit for Emergencies and Disasters (UTED), amateurs of the Fire Department of Durán, Salinas and the Ecuadorian Red Cross participated in the Field Day of the year 2018. In this exercise, the radio amateurs tested their technical capabilities to be able to provide communication to the different agencies of first aid and response in case of a disaster.

At the same time of the exercise, our colleague HC2AP – Ahmed Perez, partner of the Guayaquil Radio Club and instructor of the basic level of the PREPARATION COURSE FOR RADIO AMATEUR, gave a talk to the fire departments of the province of Manabí and members of the Manabí Radio Club about the use of the different modes of transmission that are useful in a disaster situation, in that talk it was explained about the use of the Winlink digital mode in the 40 meter band, ARDOP P2P session through the RMS EXPRESS software in which the successful sending reports of activities and needs from the radio amateurs’ camp to the headquarters of the Durán Fire Department.

Our vice president HC2ED – Ernesto Durán made a communication demonstration through the DMR mode in the VHF band, being able to communicate successfully from the camp in Rocafuerte canton with the city of Guayaquil through the use of the Brandmeister World network using his portable digital radio and its HotSpot node which is made up of a Raspberry Pi, an MMDVM card, a Power Bank and a VHF micro antenna.

GRC member HC2TMP – Mario Proaño Leader of the UTED organized all personnel of the different institutions applying the Incident Command System, in such a way that the resources of the camp could be optimized while the aspirants were given a preview of the process of SCI training.

Lorenzo Lertora, HC2BP, president of Guayaquil Radio Club, said “we’re working hard with the Fire Department, initially in 2 provinces, but the project is to promote this at the country level”.