PT2PCDuring the IARU Region 2 General Assembly in El Salvador, the Region 2 Area G Emergency Coordinator, Paulo César de Souza Santos,  PT2PC, presented the “Ham Brasil” system of which, since we consider it should be of interest for everyone, we present a brief summary.

Ham Brasil Mapa is a database of Brazilian amateurs, with their respective geographical locations (latitude, longitude and grid) and with visualization in Google Earth of all radio amateurs at the same time, classified by State.

Ham Brasil has two main tools:

QSO DD – Practical system, used for the visualization of Contest Stations and daily contacts.

Presented in real time, with 6 or 9 mini-windows, diverse amateur radio information, as well as name, address, latitude, longitude and grid. Besides the respective distances in kilometers and headings in degrees, from your stations towards the rest. If a radio amateur sought is not existent in Ham Brasil, the system searches for the data in Anatel (domestic) and in QRZ (foreign).

CERCANOS – Tool to visualize radio amateurs that are near a specified WTH, in a radius of 1km, from 1km to 5km, 5 to 10, 10 to 30 and 30 to 50. Showing the list with distance and heading with regard to the main station, and also a visualization of the positions in a map, the radius of coverage and the respective radio amateurs.

The coordinator for HAM BRASIL is PY4GW – André. His mail is