labre-meeting-2016In last November, 2016, LABRE – the Brazilian Amateur Radio Association – held in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the 81th Meeting of the LABRE Director Council.

In it, several issues related to Amateur Radio in the country were discussed, and some actions carried out in the past 3 years were revised, including spectrum defense and management work inside national technical committees and international commissions.

Besides, actions were also planned for an internal reorganization of the relationship with state associations. Gustavo de Faria Franco, PT2ADM, was re-elected President of the Director Council and Roberto Franca Stuckert, PT2GTI, was nominated Executive Director of LABRE. Flavio Archangelo PY2ZX, Joao Saad Junior PY1DPU and Getulio Francisco Gomes PY1KCT made presentations covering radio spectrum, electromagnetic compatibility and emergency communications.