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Television program in Peru highlights the role of amateur radio.
We thank the Radio Club Peruano for sharing this video and we congratulate them the promotion our activities in different media View here (in Spanish): https://​www​.efe​.com/​e​f​e​/​a​m​e​r​i​c​a​/​s​o​c​i​e​d​a​d​/​r​a​d​i​o​a​f​i​c​i​o​n​a​d​o​s​— u​n​a​— a​f​i​c​i​o​n​— m​u​y​— v​i​v​a​— e​n​— t​i​e​m​p​o​s​— d​e​— i​n​t​e​r​n​e​t​— y​— p​a​n​d​e​m​i​a​/​2​0​0​0​0​013 – 4362283 …
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Revised IARU Region 2 Band Plan Now Available
The 2020 revision of the IARU R2 Band Plan is now available at https://​www​.iaru​-r2​.org/​e​n​/​r​e​f​e​r​e​n​c​e​/​b​a​n​d​— p​l​a​ns/. This includes the change approved at the General Assembly meetings in Lima in October 2019 to add an Amateur Satellite uplink sub-band from 21125 to 21450 …
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