Last December 11, Guayaquil Radio Club presented a recognition plaque to its honorary member and benefactor Xavier Marco S., HC2XM, general manager of San Carlos San Carlos Sugar Mill, for his contribution to the institution prior to the visit of IARU-R2 Executive Committee last September.

It must be remembered that HC2XM and Mariano González, HC2XX, president of the Board of that sugar mill, were the donors of the towers with the Telrex antennas to the Club in the 70s.

In the photo, left-to-right: Víctor Pérez, HC2DR; Mariano González, HC2XX, president of San Carlos Sugar Mill; Lorenzo Lertora, HC2BP, president of Guayaquil Radio Club; Xavier Marcos, HC2XM, General Manager of the mill; Erwin Menz, HC2ZN, GRC Secretary; and Xavier Ron, HC2HRI; Proprietary Director GRC.