Through a Supreme Decree signed by the President of the Republic, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Peru approved new Regulations for the Amateur Radio Service, which supersede the previous ones that had been in force for 24 years.
The new regulations will help the expansion of amateur radio in Peru, since most of their modifications are for the benefit of newcomers.

Radio amateurs in the Novice category are no longer forced to change to the next category within a three-year period or else lose their license. Now, they can stay in that category until they make the decision to upgrade.

Another important point is the allocation of bands for the Novice category. In these new regulations, radio amateurs can use the entire 2-meter and 70-cm bands, which promotes experimentation and satellite communications. Besides, the regulations accept that the QSLs required for category upgrades can be either physical or virtual.

The regulations include an article referring to temporary permits, as well as to the issuance of the IARP. Similarly, they regulate the accreditation of an amateur radio license issued abroad, which will help radio amateurs with licenses in their country of origin that decide to come live in Peru.

Finally, it is important to point out that these new regulations don’t limit the use of the different transmission modes by category, as it was before. On the contrary, they indicate that radio amateurs can use all current or future transmission modes, regardless of their license category.