LABRE, the Brazilian Amateur Radio Association, developed in the end of October 2017 the workshop “Interferences of non-intentional emitters and their threats for the telecommunications services” in the headquarters of the National Telecommunication Agency (Anatel) in Brasilia, Brazil. The objective was show the difficulties that radio services are facing today with the increase of noise level came from non-intentional emitters in the country, as well share the possible ways to combat the problem based on experiences already implemented abroad. LABRE made two presentations covering Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) fundamentals and RFI cases. Presentations made by engineers representing the Brazilian Association for Conformity Assessment (ABRAC) and the Brazilian Committee for Electricity, Electronics, Lightning and Telecommunications (COBEI, the IEC/CISPR national member) also covered the existed and under development technical EMC standards and international governance models to stimulate the implementation of EMC regulations and reinforce the protection of radio services in Brazil. Members of Anatel personally followed the workshop in the headquarters, as well at regional bureaus across the country via internet. Guests from other telecommunications services, governmental entities and Brazilian Army were also present. The presentations are available at:

Photo: From Left to Right: Agostinho Linhares, Manager for Spectrum, Orbit and Broadcasting Affairs of Anatel; Victor Vellano Neto, COBEI; João Saad Júnior, PY2DPU, LABRE; Flávio A. B. Archangelo, PY2ZX, LABRE; Waldemar Panadés Filho, PY2WPF, IFSP; Vitor Elísio de Oliveria Menezes, Superintendent for Resources of Anatel; José Martins, ABRAC.

View of the workshop at Anatel.